AED 200.Technology in Education.Week8.Day7

AED 200.Technology in Education.Week8.Day7 - Technology in...

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Technology in Education 1 Assignment: Technology in Education AED/200 Technology in Education 2 Experiencing technology and the uses a teacher can use to enhance classroom instruction. Being a new teacher, there are so many different applications and digital devices to be used to have the students to engage in lessons and allow for higher education. A digital device new to
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me and have some experience with is the interactive whiteboard or SMART board. Let us explore what an interactive whiteboard is, how it can be used in teaching development, and how it will benefit the students. An interactive whiteboard or Smart board is becoming more common in schools for classroom instruction. The system uses an interactive whiteboard, projector, and computer together with program applications for classroom instruction. How an interactive whiteboard is installed is that the device is connected to the operating system such as a computer, through a USB or serial cable or by means of a wireless connection such as Bluetooth. Software is then installed onto the attached pc where it effectively allows the interactive whiteboard to perform the duties of a Human Input Device such as a computer mouse or computer pen/marker, or a finger (Wikipedia, 2010). An image would then be displayed onto the interactive whiteboard's
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AED 200.Technology in Education.Week8.Day7 - Technology in...

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