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AED 201.Assignment.MentoringV.InductionPrograms.Week8.Day7

AED 201.Assignment.MentoringV.InductionPrograms.Week8.Day7...

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Mentoring versus Induction Programs 1 Assignment: Mentoring versus Induction Programs
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2 Many new teachers have a hard time making the transition into teaching. According to Axia College (2005), some new teachers are “hired at the last moment, isolated in their classroom, and given little help” (Developing as a Professional, p.500). Attrition rates are higher among new teachers than experienced teachers. However, there are programs available to new teachers to help lower the attrition rate and encourage new teachers to stay in the teaching profession. Two of these programs are mentoring and induction programs. The mentoring program is the process of supplying a new teacher with an experienced teacher. The experienced teacher, as a mentor is to supply the new teacher with help for survival, guidance, and emotional support. This is usually done in school and is a voluntary program in which experienced teachers sign up for or are asked by the school to help out a new teacher. The induction program is to support, to train, and to retain new teachers. Organization of the induction program is by schools or districts and is the process of a comprehensive, coherent, and sustained professional development. Induction programs have mentors, but the mentors receive training and receive compensation, each with expertise in classroom management skills, instructional skills, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Technology skills (Delisio, 2003). In addition, new teachers receive assistance from staff developers, administration, and other induction program members through in person, phone, e-mail, and online support. Mentoring versus Induction Programs
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AED 201.Assignment.MentoringV.InductionPrograms.Week8.Day7...

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