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Assignment: Teacher Liability 1 . To what extent are you responsible for the actions of students like Damien? Your Answer: Teachers are legally responsible for the actions of all students, including ones like Damien. They act in loco parentis, serving as guardians for the children under their care. 2 . If this problem developed into a liability suit, what factors would the courts consider in judging whether you were negligent? Your Answer: The courts would consider several factors here. Perhaps the most important is the age and mental abilities of the students involved. Also the courts would want
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Unformatted text preview: to know if the children were warned of dangers and whether the teacher took precautionary measures, anticipating possible dangerous situations. 3 . In hindsight, were there some things you could have done differently in terms of this science activity? Your Answer: Definitely students should have been warned of the dangers of chemical substances. In addition, you might have monitored Damien more carefully. This last suggestion is a gray area or judgment call, as the teacher is responsible for all the children in a class, not just one....
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