AED 201.Assignment_CharacteristicofAtRiskStudents.Week4Day7

AED 201.Assignment_CharacteristicofAtRiskStudents.Week4Day7...

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Characteristics of At-Risk Students 1 Assignment: Characteristics of At-Risk Students Characteristics of At-Risk Students 2 The education system and programs available have come great lengths through the years in helping students, especially students whom are considered at-risk. Training is provided to the teachers and staff members of schools to identify at-risk students. Once a student is identified as an at-risk student, the school and teachers can help the student into a program which will best fit his or her situation. A group, at-risk students, can be categorized as students with issues or changes in socioeconomic patterns. Students in this group can come from upper class, middle class, lower class, poverty, and homeless families. Changes in the socioeconomic patterns in a student’s life could be both parents working full time jobs, or more than one job, parents in the military or job which involves a parent being away for extended times, divorced parents, parents losing one or all jobs, or a situation which requires a student
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going into a shelter or foster care (Axia College, 2005). Another characteristic to determine a student’s socioeconomic pattern is determining the educational level of other family members in the household. A student could be considered at-risk with his or her learning ability if his or her parent’s educational level is low. Household income plays a factor in determining a student’s socioeconomic pattern too. The income will
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AED 201.Assignment_CharacteristicofAtRiskStudents.Week4Day7...

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