AED 201.Checkpoint.TechnologyUseTimeline.Week7.Day5

AED 201.Checkpoint.TechnologyUseTimeline.Week7.Day5 - Axia...

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Unformatted text preview: Axia College Material Appendix D Technology Use Timeline Currently, U.S. schools use technology significantly more than they did in the past. Research the use of technology in schools from 1980 until present day. Fill in the timeline below with events to depict the changes in school technology since 1980. You need to discuss a minimum of two events per decade, for a total of at least six events. Cite your sources in APA format on the next page. AED 201 2001-Moblie Interactive White Board (IWB) IWB start out in 1990, popular in offices. By late 1990s IWBs become a great educational resource. In 2001, educators where able to interact with the IWB from anywhere in the classroom thru wireless technology. 1985-Apple Computer, Inc. Apple starts technology training for teachers because of lack of knowledge in computer technology. 1995-WebQuests WebQuests was created by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University which allows learners work to come from the web....
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AED 201.Checkpoint.TechnologyUseTimeline.Week7.Day5 - Axia...

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