AED 201.Checkpoint.Time Management Tips.Week2.Day4

AED 201.Checkpoint.Time Management Tips.Week2.Day4 - 3 Tip...

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Time Management Tips 1 Time Management Tips Time Management Tips 2 Tip One: Organization The tip of organization will greatly impact my daily schedule as an educator. Being organized will improve my success as I will be prepared for almost anything that may occur during my day. Also, being organized will reduce my stress because when and if something occurs that is not on my schedule, I can make changes quickly (Wagner, 2009).
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Tip Two: Be Colorful The tip of being colorful in where I put everything will impact my organization but my time as well. By providing different colors folders for my filing needs and for the children’s filing needs will improve the success of my class as we will not be wasting time be the children asking questions of what to do with something and me wondering where to put something (Pearson Education, 2010). My stress will be reduce by not having to repeat myself all the time to the children and by me not wondering where everything is at. Time Management Tips
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Unformatted text preview: 3 Tip Three: Grouping The tip of grouping things and events together will have a big impact on my daily schedule. By setting aside time to group all call making, emails, discussions, reading, and filing together will improve my time management success because I will not be worrying about doing these things during other activities throughout the day (Landers, 2007). Grouping will reduce my stress because I will not be thinking about what I need to do while I am teaching the children. Time Management Tips 4 Reference Page Landers, D. (2007). The Sideroad . Blue Boulder Internet Publishing. Retrieved from Pearson Education, Inc. (2010). Teacher Vision . Retrieved from Wagner, K.J. (2009). Education Oasis . Education Oasis. Retrieved from
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AED 201.Checkpoint.Time Management Tips.Week2.Day4 - 3 Tip...

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