AED 201.CheckpointTeachingasaProfessionalCareer.Week1.Day5

AED 201.CheckpointTeachingasaProfessionalCareer.Week1.Day5...

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Teaching as a Professional 1 Teaching as a Professional Career Teaching as a Professional 2 There is an endless list which defines teaching as a professional career. Some of these factors are decision making, content knowledge, and time management (Axia College, 2005). These factors are used by all teachers on a daily basis. Decision Making Teachers have to make decisions throughout the entire day; from before the students enter the schools to after the students have left for the day. Teachers make decisions on what they are going to teach for the day, how they will teach the information, when each event will occur through the day, who they are teaching the
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information to, and if any problems arise, be able to make quick decisions on how to resolve the issue. Content Knowledge Teachers must be up to date on their own level of knowledge of the content of information that is to be taught to the students. This requires teachers to learn information on a daily basis, as information is always changing.
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Unformatted text preview: Once teachers are prepared, he or she can pass on this knowledge to the students. When teaching this knowledge, teachers must understand the students and what grade level the students are, in order to pass on the knowledge and to know if the students understand the information. Teaching as a Professional 3 Time Management Teachers must make an action plan of everything that is going to occur for the day. Teachers will plan out when the students will come into the classroom, when to teach the materials, break times, snack and lunch times, assemblies, and when to prepare the students to leave for the day. Teachers also need to plan time to prepare for the next day, meetings, and after school help. These are just some of the factors that define teaching as a professional career. Teaching as a Professional 4 Reference Page Axia College. (2005). The Teaching Profession. Retrieved September 23, 2010 from Axia College, AED201 website....
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AED 201.CheckpointTeachingasaProfessionalCareer.Week1.Day5...

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