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AED 201.FinalProject.ProfessionalDevelopmentPlan.Week9.Day7

AED 201.FinalProject.ProfessionalDevelopmentPlan.Week9.Day7...

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Professional Development Plan 1 Final Project Professional Development Plan Professional Development Plan 2 In the next five years there are many goals that I must complete in order to become a teacher. My first goal is obtain my associates degree in elementary education through Axia College online. This will take two years to complete. While obtaining my associates degree, I will volunteer at the local schools to enhance my learning of what is expected of becoming a teacher. Next I will continue my education to receive my bachelors’ degree, also through Axia College online. While obtaining my bachelors degree, I will work at a job in an elementary school. By having a job in a school, I will be able to further enhance my learning and understand of what a teacher
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must do to become an experienced and a highly qualified teacher. Once I have completed my college career, I will extend my training to obtain my licensure. In the next five years after obtaining my associate degree, bachelor degree and licensure, I will have a job in an elementary school working with third, fourth, or fifth grade students. When I start my career as an educator, I will enter into mentoring and induction programs. Both of these programs will supply knowledge, advice, and help from experienced teachers. Staying a teacher requires me to stay a learner throughout my career, in which I will continue to further my education as so I can pass on my knowledge to my students by staying highly qualified.
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AED 201.FinalProject.ProfessionalDevelopmentPlan.Week9.Day7...

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