AED 201.Orientation Quiz1.Week1.Day7

AED 201.Orientation Quiz1.Week1.Day7 - class. 6. What is...

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Orientation Quiz 1 Orientation Quiz Orientation Quiz 2 1. Where do you post assignments? Assignments are posted in the assignment tab in each classroom section. 2. Where do you post responses for discussion questions?
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Discussion questions are in the main forum, open the DQ, read, and post a response under each one. 3. Where do you post questions regarding the current class week? You should post questions regarding the class week under the questions thread that the instructor provides at the beginning of each week in the main forum. 4. Is it ok for students to post threads new threads in the main forum? No the student should not post new threads in the main forum. 5. How many days do you have to turn in an assignment beyond the due date? We have up to four days to turn in assignments, and cannot turn in any past the last day of
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Unformatted text preview: class. 6. What is the penalty for a late assignment? There will be a 10% deduction for every day an assignment is late. 7. Where can I post a check in note? Check in notes is posted in the chat room forum under the check in thread. 8. What is the last date you can turn in your final assignment? Final assignments are due on the final day of class and no later. 9. Where to I submit a paper to the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE)? To submit a paper to the CWE, I need to go to the library tab and then to the CWE link. Orientation Quiz 3 10. When I submit all of my assignments to the CWE, should I use Write Point, Plagiarism Checker, or both? You should use both Write Point and Plagiarism Checker before submitting all assignments....
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AED 201.Orientation Quiz1.Week1.Day7 - class. 6. What is...

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