AED 222.aed222_appendix_c.Week7.Day5

AED 222.aed222_appendix_c.Week7.Day5 - Axia College...

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Axia College Material Appendix C Creating a Student Profile for Mock Case Study Apply the information you compiled in Appendix B to create a profile of a student with at least one exceptionality. Compile details about the student within this matrix. You will post the shaded portion in Week Eight for Discussion Question 1 and use the matrix in its entirety for your Final Project. Requirement Details Name, age, and grade of child Name: Grayson Troy Virginia Age: 10 Grade: Fifth grade Detailed description of child’s behavior and interactions at home and school Grayson is a delightful boy to be around. He can be very helpful to others, especially those younger and older than him. At times Grayson can become very frustrated and aggravated when he does not get his way. He is shy at meeting new people. He has single interest until he has exhausted it and then will move on to a new thing. At home his parents help him to work through h is problems but at school when he is in the class with children his own age it is very hard to
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AED 222.aed222_appendix_c.Week7.Day5 - Axia College...

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