AED 222.Bloom'sTaxonomywithinaPlanningPyramid.Week8.Day5

AED 222.Bloom'sTaxonomywithinaPlanningPyramid.Week8.Day5 -...

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Bloom’s Taxonomy Within a Planning Pyramid 1 Bloom’s Taxonomy within a Planning Pyramid The planning pyramid on page 115, the verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy of the left side are the first box is remembering and understanding, the second box is applying and analyzing, and the third box in evaluating and creating. The right side middle section, adaptations, of the planning pyramid relate to several systematic teaching strategies. Instructional grouping: the teacher will use cooperative learning groups to learn new material in the textbook. By doing this each student will be able to discuss with other students the new information in which will help in the learning, remembering and understanding the information. Content presentation: the teacher will use audiotape of the chapter in which will enhance the learning, remembering, and understanding of the new material and then further discussions can be held by the
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Bloom’s Taxonomy Within a Planning Pyramid
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Unformatted text preview: 2 students to promote the understanding. Provide practice: the teacher will use content maps in which the students will be able to label the maps in which will help the students to learn, remember, and understand the new information visual. Finally, progress monitoring: the teacher will pair up the students as study buddies to prepare for quizzes and tests. By doing this each student will have an one on one experience to talk with another student in which will help all students with the remembering process of the new material. Using the verbs in Bloom’s Taxonomy helps teacher to provide an instructional strategy to enhance all students’ diverse learning and understanding potential to reach full academic achievement. Reference Rosenberg, M.S., Westling, D.L., & McLeskey, J. (2007). Special education for today's teachers: An introduction . Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson/Merrill/Prentice Hall....
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AED 222.Bloom'sTaxonomywithinaPlanningPyramid.Week8.Day5 -...

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