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AED 222.Checkpoint IDEA 2004.Week1.Day4

AED 222.Checkpoint IDEA 2004.Week1.Day4 - impairments...

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Checkpoint IDEA 2004 1 Checkpoint: IDEA 2004 The Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act (IDEA 2004) has accomplished several purposes since enacted in 1975. IDEA 2004 ensures school age children with physical and mental impairments from preschool to high school receive the extra guidance to prepare them for further education, employment, and independent living (WETA, 2010). Key ideas have been added to IDEA 2004 since 1975 to help aid children with impairments excel at learning. Some of the key ideas added are free appropriate public education (FAPE), least restrictive environment (LRE), and individualized education program (IEP). IDEA 2004 allows schools to apply for grants to receive funding to add special education classes, special education teachers, and special education teacher assistants, which helps children with impairments and can give one on one instruction. The special education teacher assistant can be sent into the regular classrooms to help aid the regular teacher in teaching the child with
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Unformatted text preview: impairments. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ensures that any organization that receives federal funding must provide equal opportunity to all who have a disability that limits major life activities. For schools this meant any child who had a disability could not be turned away from any school. The schools followed the law, however most schools either did not have the extra funding to supply to the needs of the impairments or supply an individual teacher with the training for the impairments. This is where IDEA 2004 comes in to supply schools the extra funding to meet the needs of children with impairments to ensure an equal opportunity education. While both laws, IDEA 2004 and Section 504, provide essentials in aiding those with impairments, there is always room for improvement because life, medical support, and education are always changing and improving. Reference WETA. (2010). LD Online . Retrieved from http://www.ldonline.org/features/idea2004...
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