History - Germany Germany was a geographic expression which...

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Germany Germany was a geographic expression which meant where german was spoken. 1871 was the was the first time a country was called germany. Germany was part of many states. Names and titles of rulers ranged from king to duke. the rulers were called german princes. The german giants were the 2 largest countries in germany. Prussia was the largest coutry and the ruling family there was the Holenzollern The Holenzollerns and Prussia had ambitions to the east. Prussia was trying to conquer ppl who were not germans. In the southeast was Habsburg Empire. We call it Austria and it’s capital was Vienna and the ruling family was the Habsburg. The Habsburg were the oldest and grandest of the ruling families of Europe and became a ruling family of the 1300’s. The rest of Eastern pt. of Germany to the North of Austria was Saxony and Resdin was it’s capital. The Ruler in Saxony was Frederick. Martin Luther comes from this place. To the Northeastern corner of Germany was Hanover. A little farther south to the middle is Munich. A unifying characteristic of these countries was the title called “ Holly Roman Empire.” The person who as the emperor was Charalamay. This title had come to be enshrined in the Habsburg family. It didn’t mean that they ruled germany but what they wanted to do. Habsburgs Like England and France a king was able to put countries and pieces creating a single kingdom, the Habsburgs believed they could do that and be under their rule.
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They believed it was possible b/c a coincidence of events gave a chance to do it: 1. The Habsburgs are the most famous family and ruler of Austria and Holly Roman Emperor 2. They also ruled in Spain and they were the ruler of the new world who had a lot of silver. 3. The Netherlands (low lands) is Belgium and Holland today. They also controlled this too. 4. Lombardy, the capital of Italy, and the Rhine river was controlled by them also. In 1516 , Charles of Habsburg becomes king in spain and 3 yrs. later he is named Holly Roman Emperor. He has three positions, Holly Roman Emperor, King of Spain, and king of the new world. Holly Roman Emperor is a bigger name than King of Spain so he is Named Charles the 5 th . The 5 th king of Spain. Poland was larger than any other German states, who was caught between Russia and Austria. Religion The last 200 yrs. before 1500 was a low pnt. in Christian history. After 1300 a pope named Bonabus tried to expand the religion. He thought the church should rule everything and he appeared on a balcony in a ceremony and said behold two swords. It was a treat that rulers could not ignore. The king of France sent armed men and roughed up the pope until he died. The cardinals elected a new pope immediately who was afraid of the French and moved the church to Avignon from 1305-1378. There, the popes were puppets to the French king.
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History - Germany Germany was a geographic expression which...

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