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Direct MKT Study Guide - Study Guide: Direct Marketing Key...

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Study Guide: Direct Marketing Key Concepts Preparing for Direct/Database Mid-term 1. Components of a direct mail letter a. Window v/ Closed Face b. Envelope types c. Endorsements d. Indicia e. FIM/bar codes f. Personalization and duplexing g. Lift letters (publisher’s letter) and uses h. “Johnson Box” i. Post Scripts 2. Key issues in direct marketing today a. Data challenges b. Right to privacy c. Margins d. Fluctuating response rates e. Customer expectations f. Customer service (and costs) g. Customer loyalty h. New media, technology and “splintered” audiences i. Higher costs 3. Important financial terms a. LTV b. R/F/M/T c. CPM d. CPR/CPL e. CPO f. Allowable Margin 4. Direct marketing business planning a. Three key strategic questions in planning b. Key components of the plan c. Mission and vision statements d. SWOT and Perceptual Mapping e. Positioning and key questions to evaluate brand position f. Brand Position Profile g. Competitive Position Profile h. Creative strategy i. Rational and emotional target audience connections j. Promoting features and benefits v. appealing to beliefs and values k. Key fact l. Characteristics of Power Brands m. Ways to overcome target fear, indecision, apathy
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5. Database and lists
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Direct MKT Study Guide - Study Guide: Direct Marketing Key...

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