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3.1 Suppose our product is a college bookstore website target at students of three universities in Great Chicago area. I want to take sample according to the university and gender. For instance, the ratio of student population in the three universities is 12: 9: 19, and the gender ration (male: female) with in each is 6:6, 4:5, 11:8. So, in the 200 sample, 60 (30 male, 30 female), 45(20male, 25femle), 95(55male, 40female) selected from each university. Questionnaire: 1. What is your gender? 2. Which university are you in? 3. Which is the main financial support of your study and life: Family, Part-time job, Scholarship, or others (please specify)? 4. Which is the main cost to you besides tuition and house rent: Books, Internet, Cellphone,
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Unformatted text preview: Food, Networking, or Clothing? 5. How much do you spend on books each month? 6. How many books do you buy each moth? 7. Which bookstore site do you use the most: Site A, Site B, Site C……Our site? 8. What makes you prefer it: Convenience, Low Price, Variety, or others (please specify)? 9. Have you used our site? 10. If you have heard of our site, where: Newspaper, Internet Ads, Bulletin board, Classmates, or Teachers? 11. What do you think we shall improve to make it a better online bookstore for you: Shopping points, Discounts, Daily Deals, Quicker shipment, Low shipment cost, Gifts, or More variable books?...
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