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STAR - A I watched the pictures of the break bearing...

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Weihan Ni A202052394 1 S: Once I was a sales engineer of Delta TechOps. T: I was assigned to get our company in contract with China East Airlines, Boeing Parts A: I firstly talked with the purchasing director of them. But they were already in contract with Boeing, though not exclusive. He didn’t take my offer. So the next thing I did was ringing up the Chief Manger of them and told him we can help them with a plane that was held up but problems with one of its engines much faster than Boeing. R: After a few times of A, the manager finally found that we can provide him better service than Boeing, and went in contract with us. 3 S: I was a sales engineer in a bearing company. T: One our products broke two weeks after installed. I was sent to solve it.
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Unformatted text preview: A: I watched the pictures of the break bearing. Judging for the fraction, I told them they didn’t put the machine, which our bearing was, leveled. R: I was right. After measuring, we found it out the way I expected. 11 S: I was in university. Things turned out that the professor got my exam paper lost after I turn it in. But he did not admit it. He didn’t like me because I often said something against his opinion. T: I had to get my scores. A: I talked with the professor. But he took it very personally and against me. So I talked with the invigilator of that exam, and persuaded him to testify for me in front of the DEAN of my school. R: I got my score....
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