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Kin 2501 Study Guide - STUDY GUIDE KIN 2501 FINAL CH 1 1...

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STUDY GUIDE KIN 2501 FINAL CH 1 1. THE TREADY EVERY YEAR BEFORE THE OLYMPIC GAMES TO STOP WARS IS CALLED Ekecheiria 2. WHO WAS THE POET WHO DESCRIBED THE ANCIENT GREEK GAMES? PINDAR 3. THE TOMBESTONES WITH CHEATERS NAMES WERE CALLED Zanes . 4. ______Nike_IS THE GODDESS OF VICTORY. 5. _______Thermae__ IS A BATH IN A TRAINING FACILITY. 6. STONE WEIGHTS USED BY JUMPERS ARE CALLED_____Halteres___________________. 7. _Hellanodikae_____ WERE JUDGES. 8. _Paido Tribes___ WERE THE 1 ST TEACHERS. 9. THE GREEK CULTURAL IDEA OF EXCELLENCE IS CALLED ______Aritae_____________________. 10. __Olympiad__________________IS THE INTERVAL B/T OLYMPIC GAMES. 11. THE STARTING GATE FOR RUNNERS TO PREVENT FALSE STARTS (WOODEN BAR) IS ___Husplex________________________. 12. ___Theodosius I_____________________ IS THE CHRISTIAN EMPEROR THAT BROUGHT THE GAMES TO AN END. 13. THE TURN POSTS ON A TRACK ARE CALLED __Kampter_____________________. 14. LIST THE FOUR TYPES OF ANCIENT GREEK GAMES: A.Informal Contests B.Funeral Games C.Wreath Games D.Secular Games 15. HOW DID ANCIENT GREEKS CONTRIBUTE TO SPORTS? 1 st to organize and make rules for games Developed gymnasium 1 st training methods Wrote 1 st code of sportsmanship and fair play rules CH. 2 1. WHO INTRODUCED THE GERMAN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY SYSTEM TURNEN? _________Friedrich Ludwig John________________________ 2. WHAT ARE PHILANTHROPINUMS? _____Private Schools limited to educating socially elite boys______________________________ 3. _____Johahn Guts Muths______________ WAS A TEACHER WHO TRIED TO
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Kin 2501 Study Guide - STUDY GUIDE KIN 2501 FINAL CH 1 1...

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