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menta health -test 1[1][1]

menta health -test 1[1][1] - Parts of wellness 6 types of...

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Parts of wellness 6 types of wellness that maximizes your life 1. Physical wellness- exercise and nutrition 2. Emotional or mental wellness a. 2/3 of college students have mental health disorder 3. Intellectual wellness 4. Spiritual wellness- faith a. Everyone should believe in something 5. Social or interpersonal wellness- how someone responds with other people 6. Environment or plant wellness How do people work on wellness? The changes of stage model- it is a process that alters change for unwanted behavior 1. Pre-contemplation= thinking about changing but feel that you cannot do anything 2. Contemplation= saying I have to do something about it, the time when you make the decision to change 3. Preparation= making a plan and making it very detailed 4. Action= when a person is going through the plan 5. Maintenance= short period where people struggle against a relapse 6. Termination= when the problem has been beaten and there is no more worries Studies show that it takes 6 weeks to 2 months to change a habit How to treat mental health? People have to use a combination of things, not just medicine Self esteem is the most important thing for mental health 8/28/2009 Mental health Mental health= the ability to bounce back from something that happens in your life, does not matter what causes the set back Other characteristics: 1. Be comfortable with your self 2. Meet the demands of daily living, including taking care of one’s self Mental health is something that people can work on How to work on mental health: 1. Increase self understanding: 1.1. Practice or work on skills for communication 1.2. Maintaining a positive self esteem 1.3. Being able to meet the four basic human needs; including to live, to love, to feel important, and variety or changing the norm of everyday life 1.4. Have integrity, (make the words match what is coming out of your mouth)
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The most common type of mental health problem is depression Depression= existing through an extending period of sadness and feeling hopeless 1. Low self esteem 2. Sleeping problems 3. Eating problems 4. Stop doing things that they like 5. Physical problems that do not improve Self esteem is the foundation of someone’s mental health Self esteem= the view someone has of themselves compared to other people in the world People with good self esteem: 1. Not afraid to be themselves in any situation 2. Deal with problems 3. Consistent with their mood 4. They have friends 5. Take risks 6. Communicate well People with bad self esteem: 1. Put themselves them down, negative self talk 2. Think everyone is against them 3. Keep to themselves 4. Find trouble 5. Do not meet the four human needs Self esteem can be improved Self esteem has four conditions: 1. Sense of connection= means how someone acts in groups 2. A sense of uniqueness 3. Sense of power= how much control someone has over their life 4. Sense of models= how someone was raised 9/2/2009 The major cause of stress is time Stress deals with time and money 9/9/2009 What is mental health?
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menta health -test 1[1][1] - Parts of wellness 6 types of...

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