FINAL QU PAPER - Jessica OLeary QU 101 Final 12/ 18/09 My...

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Jessica O’Leary QU 101 Final 12/ 18/09 My QU 101 Experience QU 101, the course that held a spot on every freshman’s schedule at Quinnipiac University. From Biomedical science to business majors, honor roll and average students, in this one course we were all equal. All new to this environment, all new to being completely independent, and most importantly new to each other. Walking into this class I had no idea what kind of information was going to be thrown at me, but now that I have completed this course, I can honestly say it has been the most life valuable course I have ever taken. The lessons I have learned, and the professor I have heard from, will forever change my life, QU 101 is the most essential course at Quinnipiac. Barack Obama was the first topic introduced to us. Immediately I thought this would be rough, having so many different students coming from different beliefs and opinions on politics. After this troubling election I could tell this was going to be an interesting discussion. Professor Buick could not have handled this better. He allowed us to all have our own opinions, good, bad or unreasonable, and let us share them with each other while never judging our character. As the lessons and lectures continued the more and more I grew educated about this man that made such a huge impact on our world. Before this course, I never seemed to get into political views, or importance about our presidents, but through these past few months I realized it has nothing to do with politics, it’s
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more of having a sense of comfort and knowledge of a man that leads our county and everything that goes on in our world. My favorite words from Obama come from his book, when he states “The First thing to remember is how to protect yourself” (Obama 35). They are such simple short words, but every time I enter myself in a new situation or tasks it replays in my head. Just how he entered a world of people who have never had a black president, and how he entered a world of politics where people were just waiting for him to fail, fall short, or eventually give up. But as long has he protected himself, he knew he was untouchable. Because of this course, As Barrack Obama stands as the leader of our country today; I now can relate and appreciate his morals and decisions completely differently. The atmosphere in our classroom changed as we learned about the great Maalouf. Maalouf was a man of obstacles, acceptance and identity. Maaalouf’s troubled childhood made him constantly search for a name in this society. He focuses big on his identity and his struggle with finding his own talents and place where is was comfortable. Through these topics, we learned the importance of identity. In order for anyone to ever accept you in society, you must first accept you. Loving yourself and being comfortable with yourself is one step closer to
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FINAL QU PAPER - Jessica OLeary QU 101 Final 12/ 18/09 My...

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