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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Last Name ----------------------- Lab Sec. # first Name ------------- ; TA: ; Lab day/time: _ Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D. CHEMI~TRY 2A Section C Good luck © EXAM 2 Instructions: CLOSED BOOK EXAM! No books, notes, or additional scrap paper are permitted. All information required is contained on the exam. Place all work in the space provide~. If you require additional space, use the back of the exam. A scientific calculator may be used (if it is a programmable calculator, its memory must be cleared before the' exam). This exam has 1q pages. (1) Read each question carefully. (2) for Parts I and II, there is no partial credit given and ~ answers marked on this cover page will be Jraded. (3) The last 2 pages contain a periodic table and some useful information. You may remove them for easlYaccess. (4) If you finish early, RECHECKYOUR ANSWERS! u.c. Davis is an Honor Institution Possible Points Points # 1-9 (4 points each) /36 # 10-15 (6 points each) I / 36 # 16 (9 points) / 09 # 17 (4 points) / 04 # 18 (6 points) I / 06 # 19 (9 points) / 09 Total Score (100) / 100 Fall 2009 Multiple Choice (circle one) 1. A B C (0 E 2. ® B C D E 3. A B C ® E 4. A B C D ® 5. A ® c D E 6. A B C @ E 7. A ([)c D E 8. A B C D ® 9. A B C ® E 1-9 total points: 10. A B @ D E 11. A B c 12. A B C ® E 13. A B © D E 14.@ B C D E 15. A B@ D E 10-15 total points:
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Fall 2009 EXAM 2 (Page 2 of 10) Part I: Multiple Choice, Concepts (4 points each) Select the best answer and enter your choice on the cover sheet - No partial credit 1. Choose the INCORRECT statement. a. A non-electrolyte is not ionized and does not conduct an electric current. b. A strong electrolyte is completely ionized in water solution. c. A strong electrolyte in solution is a good electrical conductor. d. A weak electrolyte in solution is a very good electrical conductor. e. A weak electrolyte is partially ionized in a water solution. 2. Complete the equation and indicate if a precipitate forms. Ag+ + Br- + N03- + K+ ---> a. AgBr(s) + K+ + N03- b. A9N03(S) + K++ Br- c. AgBr(s) + KN03(S) d. KN03(S) + Ag+ + Br- e. no reaction 3. Identify the reducing agent in th1 following reaction: 2 N02(9) + 7 H2(9) ---> 2 NH3(9) + 4 H20(9) a. N02 b. NH3 c. H20 d. H2 e. there is no reducing agent 4. If gas volume is doubled but the temperature remains constant: a. the pressure stays the same b. the molecules move faster
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KEY+EXAM+2+2A+F2009 - Last Name TA Lab Sec...

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