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Unformatted text preview: ME 461 Prelab #4 Fall 2011 Due at the start of Lab #4 Suggested Reading: USCI, SPI Mode chapter in MSP430x2xx user’s guide. Texas Instruments TLV5606 datasheet. Lab 4 manual. 1. List whether the following serial protocols are synchronous or asynchronous, full‐duplex or half‐duplex, and also list the number of wires required for each and the signals they carry: UART (e.g. RS‐232), SPI, and I2C. 2. Suppose you wish to interface your MSP430F2272 to a Texas Instruments TLV5606 DAC using the SPI protocol. Draw the wiring diagram for the interface by labeling the relevant pins on each of the chips and drawing wires to connect them. You do not need to wire the pins not related to the SPI interface (except power pins, of course). 3. What register accepts serial data to be sent from the microcontroller? What register contains the data received? How wide (bits) are these registers? What action triggers (starts) transmission of serial data from the F2272 in SPI master mode? 4. In general terms, when is the USCI TX interrupt service routine called in SPI master mode? When is the RX ISR called? 5. If you want the full‐scale range of the TLV5606 DAC to be 0V‐VCC, what should you set the reference voltage to? 6. Suppose you set the TLV5606 reference voltage to 1.65V and you want the DAC to output 3.0V. What 10‐bit value would you want to send to the DAC? In fast mode, what would the entire 16‐bit word you sent to the TLV5606 be? You may write your answer in binary or hexadecimal. 7. Put the following events associated with communicating to the TLV5606 in chronological order. You may use some events more than once or not at all. a. b. c. d. ME 461 Fill UCB0TXBUF with most significant 8 bits of word Generate high pulse on FS Format data to be sent to DAC and store in 16‐bit variable RX interrupt is called 1 Prelab #4 e. f. g. h. Clear UCB0RXIFG TX interrupt is called Clear UCB0TXIFG Fill UCB0TXBUF with least significant 8 bits of word 8. Configure the F2272’s USCI module for SPI communication with the TLV5606 DAC. You should determine the contents of the UCB0CTL0, UCB0CTL1, UCB0BR0, UCB0BR1, IE2, and IFG2 registers. Use a bit rate of 1MHz. Use the timing diagram in the TLV5606 datasheet to determine the remaining settings. Write out the lines of C code that would accomplish the configuration in the proper order (pay attention to bits that are locked in certain configurations). Also, configure the appropriate pins on the microcontroller to output the SPI signals. 9. What is the Nyquist frequency for an ADC sample rate of 10 kHz? ME 461 2 Prelab #4 ...
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