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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 236 Spring 2011 Quiz 5 12:30 pm Name KEY Score: 20 /20 1. (6pts) Predict the products from the following reacJon sequences: 2. (2pts) Draw a curved arrow mechanism for the following reacJon: 3. (4pts) Predict the 1H NMR spectrum for the following molecule. The chemical shiQs do not need to be exact, just relaJve. Include peak assignments and integraJons. c d a b a b integraJons c d 2 2 3 9 4. (4pts) Propose a synthesis: 5. (4pts) Give the starJng materials for the following Diels ­Alder reacJons (4+2 cycloaddiJons): + + ...
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