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Homework 4 Solution - BIO 325 Genetics Homework 4 This...

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BIO 325 Genetics Homework 4 This homework 4 is due Thursday, Jun. 30 Please turn in your homework to your TA (NMS 3.276) or bring it to the class Please don't try to write on this sheet! Put your answers on another sheet of paper and turn that in. 1. (4 points) Following is the result from mapping for a mutation in Columbia using SSLP markers (A ~ F; differ in lengths) in a plant Arabidopsis. To do map-based cloning mutants were crossed to Ler and obtained following mutants in F2. Where is the mutation (indicate the shortest interval as between marker X and Y)? First lane is from heterozyote (as control) and the rest of them from 10 mutants at F2. (Columbia and Ler are names of ecotypes that are polymorphic throughout genome) Marker A: Columbia lower bands Marker B: Columbia upper bands Marker C: Columbia lower bands Marker D: Columbia upper bands Marker E: Columbia upper bands Marker F: Columbia upper bands Between Marker D & E 2. (2 points)
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