Hom01 - BSCI 410 Molecular Genetics Due Tuesday, Sept. 21,...

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1 of 2 BSCI 410 Molecular Genetics Homework 1 Due Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010 (AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS) Coverage: Lectures 1-6 This homework is worth a total of 20 points. Please type or write your answers clearly on a separate sheet of paper. If you use more than one sheet of paper, please use a stapler. 1 . (1 point) Here is the sequence of a single strand of DNA: 5' CAAGTTGTAACTCTAGGTTAGTCGCTACCTGTAGTCATTTA 3' Which of the following DNA strands would be synthesized by DNA polymerase, given the template strand above (assuming that an appropriate primer sequence is available)? a) 5' GTTCAACATTGAGATCCAATCAGCGATGGACATCAGTAAAT 3' b) 5' ATTTACTGATGTCCATCGCTGATTGGATCTCAATGTTGAAC 3' c) 5' CAAGTTGTAACTCTAGGTTAGTCGCTACCTGTAGTCATTTA 3' d) 5' TAAATGACTACAGGTAGCGACTAACCTAGAGTTACAACTTG 3' 2. (1 point) Which of the following is/are possible phenotypic outcome(s) after a single mitotic recombination event that occurs between the singed and yellow loci in a sn y+/ sn+ y somatic cell? (as opposed to occurring between the centromere and both genes). To answer correctly, you need to know the locations of the singed and yellow loci relative to the centromere (as shown in Hartwell figure 5.24 or lecture slides). a) normal cells b) a twin spot (a singed spot next to a yellow spot) c) a singed spot d) a yellow spot e) two yellow spots that are not next to each other 3 . (3 points) A red-eyed beetle was crossed to a beetle with pink eyes. The F1 progeny all had pink eye color. When F1 males and females were crossed to each other, 44 beetles with pink eyes and 16 beetles
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Hom01 - BSCI 410 Molecular Genetics Due Tuesday, Sept. 21,...

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