Rev-Exam2-2010 - BSCI410 Molecular Genetics Coverage:...

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BSCI410 Molecular Genetics Review Topics for Exam 2 Coverage: Lectures 7-12 The second exam will be on Thursday, October 21, 2010 The exam will cover material from Lectures 7-12 (which are posted on Blackboard). The readings are specified on the web site ( /syllabus.html ). We have not covered everything in all of the chapters, and you are not generally responsible for topics that were completely skipped in class. This review is designed to help you focus on what's important for the exam. You may also want to consult exams from earlier years, which are available online. Terms and concepts. We may simply ask for a definition of a given term, or there may be a question that tests whether you understand the meaning of the term or concept. Be able to define, discuss, and explain the following: molecular clone host (for cloning) cloning vectors transformation transduction conjugation F factor Hfr F' lysogen temperate bacteriophage site-specific recombination prophage cotransduction restriction enzyme restriction site genomic DNA library cDNA library DNA probe Southern blot microarray PCR polymorphism SNP RFLP
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Rev-Exam2-2010 - BSCI410 Molecular Genetics Coverage:...

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