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Molecular Genetics BSCI410 The exam will be Nov. 18, 2010. In addition to reviewing these topics, you should be able to answer questions like those on the homework. Revised review material will be available after all lectures have been given, before Nov. 9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- 1 Study material . This study guide covers material for the third exam: Transcription, post-transcriptional gene expression, gene mapping, positional cloning, LOD scores, complex traits and types of allele. Be able to define, discuss, and explain the following concepts: promoter enhancer core promoter transcription factor maternal effect genes gap genes epigenetics nucleosomes DNase sensitivity DNase hypersensitivity locus control region core histones ChIP-Seq DNA hemimethylase de novo methylation heterochromatin euchromatin position effect variegation dosage compensation X-inactivation Barr bodies Xist RNA
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