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Molecular Genetics BSCI410 Lectures 19-25. Model Organisms The final exam will be given on Monday, December 13 at 8:00 am This review sheet covers lectures 19-25. Half of the points on the final exam will come from these lectures. The other half of the points are comprehensive. Review material for the earlier sections was provided on earlier review sheets. Vocabulary Many of these words are in the glossary in Hartwell. conditional lethal multivulva vulvaless cell autonomous yeast integrating plasmid HO yeast centromeric plasmid balancer chromosome MAT yeast episomal plasmid tetrads T-DNA sporulation RNA-mediated interference imaginal disc Agrobacterium P element enhancer trap ectopic expression chimeric embryo ES cells cre lox flp inbred strains recombinant inbred strains congenic lines epistasis spliced leader RNA hybrid dysgenesis P strains and M strains plasmid shuffle Concepts . Be sure to understand the following concepts from section IV yeast mating type forward vs. reverse genetics
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