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Question 1  Correct.     Managerial accounting applies to each of the following types of businesses  except Managerial accounting applies to all types of firms. service firms. merchandising firms. manufacturing firms Question 2  Correct.     The major reporting standard for presenting managerial accounting information is relevance. generally accepted accounting principles. the cost principle. the current tax law. Question 3  Correct.     Planning is a function that involves coordinating the accounting information system. setting goals and objectives for an entity. hiring the right people for a particular job. analyzing financial statements. Question 4  Correct.     In determining whether planned goals are being met, a manager is performing the function of
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follow-up. directing. controlling. planning Question 5  Correct.     Both direct materials and indirect materials are sold directly to customers by a manufacturing company. raw materials.
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qz1 - Question1 Correct.

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