SAt Vocabulary - 1. abbreviate: (v) to shorten, abridge 2....

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1. abbreviate: (v) to shorten, abridge 2. abstinence: (n) the act of refraining from pleasurable activity, e.g., eating or drinking 3. adulation: (n) high praise 4. adversity: (n) misfortune, an unfavorable turn of events 5. aesthetic: (adj) pertaining to beauty or the arts 6. amicable: (adj) friendly, agreeable 7. anachronistic: (adj) out-of-date, not attributed to the correct historical period 8. anecdote: (n) short, usually funny account of an event 9. anonymous: (adj) nameless, without a disclosed identity 10. antagonist: (n) foe, opponent, adversary 11. arid: (adj) extremely dry or deathly boring 12. assiduous: (adj) persistent, hard-working 13. asylum: (n) sanctuary, shelter, place of refuge 14. benevolent: (adj) friendly and helpful 15. camaraderie: (n) trust, sociability amongst friends 16. censure: (v) to criticize harshly 17. circuitous: (adj) indirect, taking the longest route 18. clairvoyant: (adj) exceptionally insightful, able to foresee the future 19. collaborate: (v) to cooperate, work together 20. compassion: (n) sympathy, helpfulness or mercy 21. compromise: (v) to settle a dispute by terms agreeable to both sides 22. condescending: (adj) possessing an attitude of superiority, patronizing 23. conditional: (adj) depending on a condition, e.g., in a contract 24. conformist: (n) person who complies with accepted rules and customs 25. congregation:
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SAt Vocabulary - 1. abbreviate: (v) to shorten, abridge 2....

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