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Answers Study Guide 1 - Study Guide 1 Mike Alborn Sarina...

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Study Guide 1 Mike Alborn Sarina Tan Greg Brand Chris Michels Chris Michels 1. List and summarize the typical 4 features of a review. The introduction identifies the subject being reviewed. The subject is described through an initial summary. The subject is then discussed and determination is made or whether or not the subject meets or fails expectations. Finally, the conclusion gives the final verdict on the subject. 2. What does the text mean by finding common expectations and gathering background information? Gathering background information ranges from using the library, to utilizing the internet in order to take advantage of vast resources containing periodicals and published work.
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as to who the author is, what is being reviewed, when and where it was created, and how it was made. Other methods include searching for other reviews on the same subject, interviews with those who have direct experience, and oing field observations. 3. How can concentrating on your senses add detail to a review? Direct experience is the best way to gather raw, primary data in order to apply those ideas and beliefs to the review. Direct experience helps to eliminate doubts or confirm a belief in order to synthesize your data and fin a common ground that would present the eleent of a subject matter expert regarding the subject at hand. Mike Alborn 4. Define a position paper. A position paper is an explanation of both sides with an argument discussing why one side is stronger over the other. 5. List and summarize the 6 typical features of a position paper. a. An introduction – states the issue being debated, identifies the sides, and displays the paper’s thesis. b.
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Answers Study Guide 1 - Study Guide 1 Mike Alborn Sarina...

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