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atomic cafe paper - Mike Alborn English 135 July 26, 2011...

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Mike Alborn English 135 July 26, 2011 The Atomic Café The Atomic Café is a documentary of films and news clips from the 1950's designed to warn people of the evils of the atomic bomb and communism. It has been labeled a "comic horror film." This label fits because of the following elements observed in the film: the uneducated attempts by the government to prepare citizens for the atomic bomb, the reality of the situation shown with previous nuclear bombings, the ignorance shown by Americans, the soundtrack of the film, and the underlying terror of what could have occurred. “Duck and Cover.” It’s just one of the misguided attempts by the U.S. government and public aid groups to protect Americans that was highlighted in The Atomic Café . The movie illustrated many of these attempts which today we know would never help in the event of a nuclear war but at the time many Americans just looked for whatever they could try to save themselves. That is where both the comic and horror labels come into play. It is funny to us how misguided the attempts to save Americans was but also it is horrific how real this all was and how no one would have survived the attacks and they were just trying to protect themselves hoping that they would at least make it to the next year. Each of these “educational” videos had a cheerful tune that was used to help the general American remember how to “protect” themselves. These programs were shown in classrooms and at home over the whole United
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atomic cafe paper - Mike Alborn English 135 July 26, 2011...

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