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chap3_ho1_sales_solution_webpage - <5 Favmilfi ‘ 5...

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Unformatted text preview: <5} Favmilfi ‘ 5% 7‘ SIRIUS Playlisl Search -Sin... a Personal Banking- PNC B... #9 IGN a DeVly Universily eClass 5. amunmm Online Ship" 1; 10mm: Search Engine .3 My DeVly Sludenl Portal I] Faceboak af‘lahool Maillmjalbaln) BE v ECnmpmerApplkafinmfm... ghenuebyl’mdudfla... xl l E} v v g é . p.39Ev 33“,- Tank. 0. ” Revenue by Product Category Revenue by Product Category I Pittsburgh $300,000 l Harrisburg l Buffalo l Milwaukee Dan: E Cumpulel \ momma Modem-f ‘3‘ v amuse - ...
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