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goals - The second goal I have is to graduate college so...

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My long term goal is to get a quality career that is steady and I have good job security. I want to work with good people and have something that isn't just a chore to go to everyday. Hopefully by 2018 I will have all of this locked down with a career and stability in that career. The first short term goal I have is to finish my first semester here at Devry successfully. I want to get good grades on all of my classes to have a good start in college. So far, as I am halfway through this goal, I have a good start to completing this goal successfully and being almost on my way to my long term goal.
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Unformatted text preview: The second goal I have is to graduate college so that I have my education taken care of. Once I get my education completed I can finally look towards my career life and my long term goal. The final short term goal I have is to get some experience in whatever career path I choose before I complete college. This will give me a better chance at getting a good career that I want and obviously give me experience before I need it that will help me on the job when I am trying to complete my long term goal. Hopefully these goals will lead to a successful completion of my long term goal....
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