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Week 1 Assignment - of the wide arrange of leaders They are...

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Mike Alborn 1. I believe that when the workplace is mostly managers and not blue collar workers, more CEOs are made because the managers get experienced with running a company. They learn the ins and outs of a corporation by working with the employees. The workers can then use that knowledge of watching over the employees and workforce to run a business as CEO. It is just a little more responsibility than being a manager. On the other hand when there are more blue collar workers there isn’t as many future CEOs because the workers are not as educated and do not get much experience watching over several other employees. 2. I do believe that leadership factories are good for non-leader employees to work because
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Unformatted text preview: of the wide arrange of leaders. They are led by leaders who have been trained to be the best leaders in the business. This leads to better work performed by the non-leaders. 3. Yes it would because I would want to be a part of a company that produces more CEOs. It would give me a better chance of being promoted up the ladder to become a CEO myself which is enticing with the pay. 4. Yes because it shows that a good way to run a company is to put an emphasis on creating leaders in employees. Creating leaders will help a company have strong employees....
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