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Week 2 Assignment - I also work with this type of power...

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Mike Alborn I feel like expert power is the most effective because it shows someone that you know a lot about what you are talking about. If they believe that you are very skilled and knowledgeable about a subject, they will follow what you say and you will have power. I believe that I have reverent power because I am a trustworthy and reliable worker. I try to do my best at work and do more than what is asked of me. I work hard to gain the respect of my coworkers and managers and in return they treat me with respect and trust me with more responsibilities. This includes projects that they would not normally trust with other employees. In return all of my coworkers sometimes rely on me to help them with their work if they are struggling.
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Unformatted text preview: I also work with this type of power with the customers. I do my best to go above and behind what they expect and in return they leave a good review or note with my managers. Now that I have learned more about power I can hopefully use more of the concepts. I will now use expert power more as I already do know a lot about my position at work. I could show this knowledge to my managers and gain more respect in the workplace. I have already used this type of power in the past but I feel like using it more will benefit me greatly in the workplace with customers and coworkers....
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