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Week 7 Assignment - the leader in a situation within a...

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Mike Alborn The results that I received were pretty mixed. I ended up somewhere right in the middle of extrovert and introvert. I somewhat disagree with those results as I generally believe that I am a very introverted person because I am usually very quiet and withdrawn from conversations. I prefer to listen to conversations and educate myself on topics rather than become a part of the conversation. I am usually someone who listens and then repeats what I hear. The graph that I was presented at the end of the quiz showed that, on a scale between preparedness and assertiveness, I am more toward preparedness which to me makes sense because I am never really assertive in conversations or in public situations. I never find myself really making myself
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Unformatted text preview: the leader in a situation within a group and I usually am the quietest person in the group and I never really stand up to voice my opinion. To become more of a leader in any situation I need to work on these skills and become more assertive with my opinion. I also need to work on my communication skills when in larger group situations. This will help to create a more confident leader in myself and use my current skills to create that leader. The way I can use my current skills to leverage myself to becoming a leader is to use my listening skills to gather the information needed in a situation and then I just need to apply that to the situation and use communication skills once I finish working on those....
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