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SEC-280 Cryptography 1 WK4 Assignment James Kirn Page 1 of 1 Name ____Mike Alborn_____________ Date __9/22/11______ 1. What is the fundamental purpose of cryptography? That is, what security functions does it provide? The purpose is to protect important information while transferring or holding onto the data. It keeps everything out of reach for attackers. 2. Is it true that any encryption can, eventually, be decrypted? What would be required in order to decrypt an encrypted message? Yes although tougher encryption can take more time depending on the knowledge of the decrypter. To decrypt a message the simplest way is to have the key that was used to encrypt the message. 3. Plaintext is just text before it has been converted or touched at all.
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Unformatted text preview: Cleartext is anything that is just written out without any encryption. 4. Suppose that you have intercepted a message that reads ugg urqv twp , and you have found that the associated plaintext is see spot run . What is the encryption algorithm? Why is this method of encryption weak? This is the Ceaser Cipher. It is weak because it is easily deciphered based on the simple pattern used. 5. Suppose that you have intercepted an encrypted message that is made up of alphabetic characters. You suspect that the encryption is a simple translational cipher (as in question 3). What techniques could you use to guess the plaintext? Look for basic patterns like repeated letters. Repeated letters will be the same letter when decrypted....
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