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SEC-280 WK2 Assignment James Kirn Page 1 of 1 Name ____Mike Alborn_____________ Date __9/15/11______ 1. As the new Chief Security Officer for a company, you realize that most end-users of network services (including your employees) exercise poor security practices. What can be done to change this? I would hold a training class for the employees and other end-users to educate them on correct security practices. I would also set up a stronger security system to eliminate some of the threats they encounter. 2. What is the difference in motivation between an attacker that is a corporate insider, and that of a corporate outsider? A corporate insider may have a vengeance against the management of the company and try to get back at them but a corporate outsider does not know anyone personally and may just attack the company for fun or to get back at them for their business model or a mistake (i.e. Sony and the hack on the Playstation
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Unformatted text preview: Network). 3. Since attacks may come from inside an organization, what can be done to minimize this risk? Give employees limited access to the entire network and have them possibly sign an agreement at the time of employment which makes them agree to never attack the system. 4. Suppose that an outside attack is perpetrated on an organization, with the intention of theft. What might an attacker be seeking? It is usually monetary but it may be a competing organization attacking to look for information that may give them a great benefit in the business world. 5. Suppose that a supplier of raw materials already has a contract with a company. Why might they be involved in an attack on that company? They may not be happy with the contract they have and wants to get a little extra money or they just want to get back at the company....
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