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SEC-280 WK2 Assignment James Kirn Page 1 of 1 Name ____Mike Alborn_____________ Date __9/15/11______ 1. There are two companies that produce different products. Company A makes nuts, bolts and various other fasteners; Company B is a metal plating company that uses various heavy metals in their plating processes. Compare and contrast the risks that each They both probably use machines for most of the work so an attacker could disrupt the programming in the machines and halt all work. The attacker might have a different motivation for the two different companies. 2. Why is it that personnel are considered to be the weakest link in the security of a corporation? They have the most experience with the system and know the most of the workarounds to the system. They also have the biggest grudge against the management of the company. If it is the personnel that set up the security system, they even know the ins and outs of the security system and how to get past it. 3.
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