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SEC-280 Physical Security 2 WK3 Assignment James Kirn Page 1 of 1 Name __Mike Alborn_______________ Date _10/4/11_______ 1. Suppose that you have installed physical restraints on all of the desktop computers in your organization. Would this be considered sufficient, or are there other threats that should be considered? What additional steps might be taken? This isn’t sufficient because someone could go in with a flash drive and steal information off the computer without lifting it off the desk. To prevent this you could set up a biometric type security system on the computers. This will ensure that only the authorized user can access the data on the computer. 2. Mobile device such as smart-phones and laptop computers pose a unique set of security problems. As a security manager at a company, what would be your concerns for these devices, and how would those concerns differ between the hand-held vs. the laptop devices? A concern is that the mobile devices are connected everywhere and could have
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