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Mike Alborn Security_Fundamentals_2

Mike Alborn Security_Fundamentals_2 - information for all...

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SEC-280 Security Fundamentals 2 WK1 Assignment James Kirn Page 1 of 1 Name ____Mike Alborn___________ Date _09/08/11___ 1. Most home networks have little information that an attacker wishes to steal. However, if an attacker does break in, what do you suppose is the attacker’s ultimate goal? Their ultimate goal is probably to gain access to credit card information that is being transmitted through the network. 2. Given that the attacker does decide to target an individual, does that attacker generally need to break into the target network? Yes because then he will infiltrate the network to bring him to the target easier. 3. Why, in general, must corporations be more diligent with security? They handle not only their employee’s personal information, but in most cases,
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Unformatted text preview: information for all their clients as well and they do not want to lose the client’s trust by letting their information slip into the wrong hands. 4. What is meant by the term Defense-in-Depth ? Having multiple security systems in place to reassure that in case one goes out there is still protection. 5. What are the merits of having diverse security hardware & software? Having diverse security software helps to cover the bases that one security software may not cover. This could include different types of viruses or other malicious attackers. If one software misses it, the other ones will get it....
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