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SEC-280 Security Threats 1 WK2 Assignment James Kirn Page 1 of 1 Name __Mike Alborn____________ Date __10/12/11______ 1. Does Malware need to be executable code in order to do damage to the target system? Explain. No because it can be a worm or rootkit or another exploit in the network. 2. What is the difference between a Trojan horse and a virus? A Trojan horse is a malicious program that appears to do one thing but really does hidden functions and must be installed by the user to infect the computer. A virus replicates itself and attaches itself to executable code. 3. What is the difference between a virus and a worm? A virus must attach itself to code while a worm does not rely on anything else to continue to spread. 4. What is a zombie computer? How would you know if your computer was a zombie? A zombie computer is a computer that has malware installed that puts it under control of the attacker. You would know based on if your computer is sending out spam
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Unformatted text preview: mail or doing a function that you do not specifically call for. 5. Why are rootkits among the most dangerous type of malware? They typically exploit vulnerabilities in the system kernel so they are difficult to find and operate without the users knowledge. Most antivirus software will not find the rootkit and once it is found it is difficult to remove. 6. What is the difference between spyware ad adware? Spyware infects a system and monitors system activity while adware creates fake ads to send to the user based on browsing history in an attempt to get them to click on it. 7. Our computer has been infected with malware that displays an objectionable image on your screen as soon as you try to copy some text using the key sequence Ctrl + C. How would you classify this malware? It would be classified as a logic bomb because it is set to do a specific action each time the user performs a function....
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