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SEC-280 Security Threats 2 WK2 Assignment James Kirn Page 1 of 1 Name ___Mike Alborn______________ Date __10/12/11_____ 1. Although keyloggers are, perhaps, the oldest implementation of recording malware, they remain among the most dangerous class of recorders. Why do you suppose that this is true? They are able to steal passwords for sensitive information such as bank websites and administrator passwords. They can also steal credit card numbers if the user buys things off his/her computer. 2. Chat loggers are, likewise, a quite dangerous class of recording malware. However, they are dangerous for a different reason. What is the threat posed by this particular class of malware? They can gain sensitive information that may give a clue into passwords or other information that could be used for phishing or pretext based attacks. 3. Give an example of a telephone-based pretext social engineering attack. An attacker learns that a person banks at a specific bank so they pose as they bank
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Unformatted text preview: and contacts the person to verify their credit card number and other information. 4. How does phishing differ from pretexting ? Phishing is done through e-mailing large groups of people in hopes that a few of them will fall for the trick. Pretexting is done to a small group of people where the attacker learns specific information on them and uses it to try and trick them specifically. 5. Given all of the reconnaissance techniques employed by attackers, it would seem that a good countermeasure to employ would be to limit the availability of information. There are two issues, however, that this philosophy conflicts with. What might those issues be? An attacker could use a chat logger to steal the information needed and many attackers come up with new more advanced ways to attack that could work around countermeasures....
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