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D. Burns Math 272 - Exam I 11/8/11 Answer all questions completely. All questions have equal weight. Use your own paper or the scratch paper provided. Show all necessary work. 1) Determine if the following system is consistent or inconsistent. Explain why. You do not solve the system. 2) Reduce the following matrix to Echelon form. 3) Write the following system as an augmented matrix , a vector equation and a matrix
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Unformatted text preview: equation . Do not solve. 4) Let u = and v = . Evaluate the linear combination -2 u + 5 v . 5) Verify that . Show your work. 6) Find constants c 1 , c 2 , and c 3 so that . 7) Let and . Solve the matrix equation A x = b completely. 8) The equation of a plane in can be given in general form by the equation . Find the equation of the plane containing the points (1, -1, 0), (-1, 0, 1) and (0, 1, 1)....
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