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MAT 272 Assignment #2 Due: September 22, 2009 1) Solve the following linear systems. Write solutions in parametric form. a. b. . c . d 2) Let u and v both be solutions to the matrix equation A x = 0. Show that any linear combination of u and v is also a solution to the same equation. 3) A box containing pennies, nickels and dimes has 13 coins with a total value of 83 cents. How many of each type of coin are in the box?
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Unformatted text preview: Set up and solve a system of equations. 4) Use a system of equations to find the equation of the parabola, y = ax 2 + bx + c , passing through the points (0, 2), (-3, -1) and (0.5, 0.75). 5) Describe the solution set of the system below as a linear combination of 3 vectors. 6) Let and . All linear combinations of u and v are solutions to some system of equations. Find that system....
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