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BISC 320 - Lab 1 - Janet Nhan Lab Partner Kim Vu TA Yang Fu...

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Janet Nhan Lab Partner: Kim Vu TA: Yang Fu and Yunxiang Mu Time: Wednesday, 8:00-10:50am September 14, 2010 Title: Spectrophotometric Analysis of Nucleic Acids and DNA Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Introduction In this lab, we are using agarose gel electrophoresis in order to determine the size of unknown samples of DNA and RNA molecules. We will also use a spectrometer to determine how many DNA and RNA molecules there are in the unknown sample. By the end of the lab, I expect to be able to determine the purity and quantity of DNA and RNA molecules in one of two given samples, as well as compare the size of both samples through electrophoresis. Experimental Procedure Spectrophotometer Experiment Dilute sample according to Table 1 Determine absorbance by using spectrophotometer Measure absorbance at different wavelengths according to Table 2 Electrophoresis Experiment Assemble the electrophoresis chamber Pour in pre-melted agarose gel and let set for 20 minutes Once the gel is finished, fill the chamber with enough TAE buffer to cover the gel Dilute samples according to table provided by TA Load sample into the gel Secure lid and connect electrical leads to power supply Run sample at 100 volts for 20 minutes Remove gel from box and stain with SYBR Gold for 5-10 minutes
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BISC 320 - Lab 1 - Janet Nhan Lab Partner Kim Vu TA Yang Fu...

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