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ADH- goes up when exercising to conserve (FLUID) plasma volumes then over time it gets used. Alcohol inhibits ADH secretion and makes you pee a lot. At night they increase so if they don’t you will wet the bed. EPI- adrenal medulla releases it, during exercise it increases because it increases your HR and dilates air passageways. From 30 to 60 frames per second, when they discovered it, laughing decreases EPI levels, Insulin- GLUT 4 increases with exercise, good blood glucose levels are around 80 to 100
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Unformatted text preview: mg/dL OGTT and type 2 diabetes Blood glucose shoots up right away then come down and get to nice norm level Someone who can’t control it will gradually decrease to bring it down, 75 g of glucose nasty orange drink if you can remove it then you are NOT diabetic, if you aren’t able that’s a good sign you have a problem going on, Testosterone- from testes, with exercise is can slightly increase but then over long periods of time it decreases, involved in anabolic metabolism- builds up muscle mass,...
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