MVC#9 - Clarence Li RUID 120006843 Section 03 MVC#9 As the...

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Clarence Li RUID 120006843 Section 03 MVC #9 As the program ends, what pathways does your child appear to be on in terms of physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral development? To what extent could you have predicted these pathways based on what you knew of your child's earlier development? Describe some specific ways in which you think your parenting mattered for your child's development, based on evidence from the course regarding the contributions of parents to child development. Bubbles had always shown above-average physical and cognitive skills since her childhood years. Since her childhood years, Bubbles was always interested and excited to explore new environments and ideas in the world around her, and even up to her high school years, she joined many extracurricular activities in dancing and music competitions as well as playing many different sports with mostly boys her age. In terms of academics, Bubbles was very intelligent, receiving high marks in all of her classes, and was encouraged by intrinsic motivation to excel in school. She was in the top 5-10% in her ACT and SAT test scores and got accepted in a prestigious university. Bubbles had several good friends in school and got invited to parties fairly often. She was outgoing and well-liked but not part of the most popular group on campus. However, whenever Bubbles became moody, it seemed that she had problems with her friends
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MVC#9 - Clarence Li RUID 120006843 Section 03 MVC#9 As the...

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