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Clarence Li RUID 120006843 Section 03 MVC #7 Describe some examples of your child's behavior or thinking that you think are due to typical American gender role socialization and explain why you think so. Several examples can be found at ages 6 and 8. How closely does your attitude toward gender roles correspond to typical American attitudes, and if there is a discrepancy, to what do you attribute this (e.g., cultural background, attitudes of your own parents, etc.)? To answer this question, let me give my thoughts on typical American general role socialization. Although, I was raised with masculine-specific gender roles, I hung out with my mother more often than my father while my little brother hung out with my father more often than my mother. As a child, I was afraid of doll-like feminine toys, so I often played with action figures, toy cars, and sports instead which are often more masculine in terms of the typical American gender role. As I grew older, I engaged in some activities that would probably be considered as feminine –like such as hanging around with girl friends more often than guy friends, taking my time to go look for good shopping deals in the mall, and going to the facial spa with my mother. These qualities may be considered feminine-like that made me more feminine in comparison with my brother, but I never found my activities to be gender-specific. These roles are not actually gender-specific; it is a matter of preferences and social pressure.
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MVC#7 - Clarence Li RUID 120006843 Section 03 MVC #7...

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