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Unformatted text preview: Clarence Li RUID 120006843 Section 03 MVC #6 How well is your child adapting to social situations in the home and outside the home? Does your child have any behavior or emotional problems at this point? Why do you think these problems are occurring and what are you doing about them? Bubbles had been doing well adapting to social situations at home and outside of home. She showed improvement in her cooperation with her parents and showed more involvement in school activities. Age 4 was “the golden year” for Bubbles to become a well-mannered, sweet, independent, and cooperative child that I would not have to worry a lot about anymore. At home, she was cooperative in doing some chores and following house rules without trouble. Also Bubbles began to imitate and follow her mother around the house more and more, even copying her mother’s gestures and turns of phrases. She had been wanting to hang with her mother whenever she is doing anything interesting such as fixing the computer printer or making...
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